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BioWare loses Dragon Age 4 lead producer Fernando Melo

Published: 17:08, 19 August 2019
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Fernando Melo, a BioWare employee for over a decade recently announced his departure from the studio and Dragon Age 4 which he was the lead producer for. This the second high profile departure from the developer which doesn't look good.

Ben Irving departed BioWare recently but many attributed that to the failure of Anthem that the studio is struggling to resuscitate half a year after it was originally released. Now it seems like there is a trend of high profile people leaving BioWare which paints a grim picture for the studio.

Fernando Melo is another lead producer that left the developer studio just one day after Irving's departure. To make matters worse, Melo was actually working on Dragon Age 4, a project that is still years away from release meaning there could be trouble brewing for the upcoming title.

Melo's saw some incredible successes, like Dragon Age Origins where he was the online producer and lead producer for a fair chunk of the game's DLC. On the flip side, there were major hiccups as well - he assumed the same role for the ill-fated Dragon Age 2 and was one of the producers on Mass Effect Andromeda.

Regardless of the past accolades and potential failures, it is clear he was one of the key people for Dragon Age 4 and him leaving the studio will send ripples throughout the development cycle.

According to Melo's , it was his own decision to leave BioWare. In an email he sent to the team to announce his departure, Melo praised the upcoming project Morrison, which is the codename for Dragon Age 4, by stating it will be the definitive Dragon Age experience.

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Then again, he stated that BioWare has a great game leadership team, which was directly by Kotaku's expose and by the resulting email chain started by Casey Hudson so that kind of brings the validity of the "definitive experience" claim into question.

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