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Rumour: a modern Daredevil game could potentially be in the making

Published: 17:10, 17 May 2020
Daredevil The man without fear cover
Daredevil: The Man Without Fear

A modern game based around Daredevil is something that a big part of the Marvel fanbase would love to see. After a rather interesting exchange on Twitter, fans have started hoping that they might finally get what they've been wanting to see.

Daredevil has made appearances in many video games such as the Marvel: Avengers Alliance series or Lego Marvel Super Heroes, but his largest role was as the main character in a Game Boy Advance game, back in 2003.

Troy Baker, the voice actor of Joel from The Last of Us and numerous other famous characters, together with Marvel Games' Head of Creative, Bull Roseman, may have teased a new long-awaited Daredevil game. 

Troy publicly tagged Bill in a Twitter post, asking the question "What is your dream superhero game and which developer would you want to make it?". Bill responded by saying "You, sir, are clearly a man without fear." which caused a number of debates in both the gaming and Daredevil communities.

For those wondering what the connection between this tweet and Daredevil is - Marvel's 1993 Daredevil comic book miniseries was called "Daredevil: The man without fear". There is also a tweet featuring Troy's response to a fan requesting the same game which may also hint that there is some ongoing work behind the scenes:

Even though the majority of Daredevil fans are hyped about the game, many of them raised an interesting question about how the game would actually look given that the main character is blind.

Some of them came up with a couple of interesting suggestions like making the game based more on the lawyer part of the character rather than on all the fighting that is going on in the story.

But of course, these are all mere assumptions and speculations based on an exchange on Twitter, so it's safe to say that it you should take it all with a hefty pinch of salt, just like any other rumours and unconfirmed information.

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