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Roman Empire Wars is a new realistic real-time strategy coming to Steam soon

Published: 14:06, 20 October 2020
Roman Empire Wars screenshot showing army
Roman Empire Wars

Developer Emperor Games and publisher PlayWay have officially announced a brand new realistic real-time strategy named Roman Empire Wars. As the name suggests, the game is set in the glory days of the Roman Empire.

Real-time strategies fans will probably be happy to hear that a new game, themed around the Roman Empire is coming soon to Steam. Officially announced today by the publisher PlayWay and developer Emperor Games, Roman Empire Wars will feature various campaigns set all over Europe.

From Greece and Carthage to the United Kingdom, you'll get to will fight for territory with different barbaric nations. Each nation, be it the Gauls, the Huns or the Spartans, will require a different tactical approach and cleverness to lead the legions to victory.

"As a new Emperor guide your country through the uncertain times, surrounded by the enemy nations. Roman Empire Wars is a realistic Real-Time Strategy game that takes place in the glory days of Rome, recreating real-life war campaigns," it's written in the official description of the game. 

At the moment, the details about the gameplay and other aspects of Roman Empire Wars are pretty scarce. We didn't even get a trailer for the game but the devs shared several screenshots and we have to say that the game looks pretty stunning, judging by what we can see in these images.

PlayWay Roman Empire Wars screenshot showing huge battle Roman Empire Wars

At the moment, Roman Empire Wars does not have a release date. The game is confirmed for PC and will arrive to Steam.

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