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Ubisoft's new IP is named Roller Champions, reveal at E3

Published: 07:15, 25 May 2019
artwork showing roller champions logo on pink background
Roller Champions

According to the latest info from Twitter user Sabi who previously leaked some Nintendo Switch details, Ubisoft plan to reveal their brand new IP named Roller Champions on this year's E3. The game involves skating and has a sports ball.

The weeks before the world's biggest gaming expo E3 are always jam-packed with numerous leaks and rumours about the most anticipated new titles or yet unannounced projects. This year is no different and just two weeks before the gaming madness in Los Angeles officially starts, a new rumour about Ubisoft's new IP has surfaced on Twitter.

According to a Twitter user New_WabiSabi, the French publisher are set to reveal their brand new game named Roller Champions sometime this year, but very likely on E3 2019. Sabi claims that the game is about skating and it involves a sports ball. 

Apparently, the game has "a very nice style to it" and Sabi also shared the logo, which you can see above. The leaker also claims that he was very hesitant to share the information and that he received "very professional" shots and artwork from the game. "If it were to be faked, it has a ludicrous amount of work and skill put into it," he said.

One Twitter user replied that some people already played the game and apparently, it's very similar to Rocket League. "Handball meets roller blades" was the description from Twitter user II_JumPeR_I.

Others asked if Roller Champions could arrive to Nintendo Switch. Sabi responded by saying that it's very likely to happen as the game doesn't look graphically demanding at all. 

Of course, just like with any other leak, rumour or unofficial news, take this one with a big grain of salt. That being said, Sabi is a well know leaker that previously shared accurate details about  The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening remake for Switch and the Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid roster.

Ubisoft Ubisoft logo in blue color. It looks like a wallpaper. UbiSoft

You can check Sabi's tweets and in the same thread, you can find the other details about the game that were shared by II_JumPeR_I.

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