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Ubisoft detail Trials Rising cross-platform features

Published: 21:25, 18 February 2019
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Trials Rising

Ubisoft detailed cross-platform features for the upcoming motorcycle platformer Trials Rising in their latest developer diary. Players will get shared leaderboards, profiles, track central and gear store across all available platforms.

Ubisoft's latest dev diary for Trials Rising offers a detailed description of the game's cross-platform features that will be available on launch. In Trials Rising, players will get shared leaderboards, track central, gear store and player profiles.

As the goal in Trials Rising is to complete certain objectives and tracks as fast as possible Ubisoft have implemented shared leaderboards for players to compete across all platforms.

The leaderboards will show times set by players from PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Switch and you'll also get to watch their replays and play against their ghosts.

Track Central is a place where players can share their own tracks, created in Track Editor. Just like the leaderboards, this feature will be available across all platforms but bear in mind that if you choose to play a track that was created on another platform, the performance can vary depending on the track design.

In their first dev diary, the publisher revealed customisation and sharing features for in-game gear. Now, they've confirmed that every piece of gear you customise yourself can be shared with other players who can download and use the design on their own characters or bikes.

Player Profile, as the name suggests is the place where you can check your progression, stats, collectables, bikes and riders. This feature is also shared between the platforms and you'll be able to visit your friend's profile and check out their stats regardless of which platform they play on.

Ubisoft Picture of some dudes jumping around on their bikes in Trials Rising Trials Rising

Ubisoft also explained that a Ubisoft Account will be required to access the cross-platform. Once you create the account, you'll have to link it with your console. To do this, visit  page and at the bottom, you'll find the account linking options. Simply click Link Account button and follow the on-screen instructions.

You can try Trials Rising for free in the upcoming , and for more info on Ubisoft's motorcycle platformer, check out the expansions and plans.

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Trials Rising

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