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Ubisoft rolls out Steep as free to keep on uPlay for a few days

Published: 12:27, 17 May 2019

Fans of extreme sports are in for a delight as Ubisoft announced that Steep will be going free to download and keep on uPlay. The promotion will last from 16 to 21 May 2019 so if you don't mind another launcher, it might be time to grab it.

Ubisoft are handing out Steep until Tuesday, 21 May 2019. The giveaway will work in the same way as the previous one with Assassin's Creed Unity. Contrary to jokes and possibly belief of some fans, no mountain peaks were damaged in a fire or any elemental catastrophe that would prompt the company to give away the extreme sports extravaganza.

Those who are not familiar with Steep, it places players on mountain slopes of several snowy regions of the world. The base game contains Alps and Alaska while DLC contains locations in Japan and Korea.

Players are presented with various ways to navigate the snowy fields. They can use skis, snowboards, wingsuits or paragliders. Each of them have a role, depending on which activity the players choose.

Steep features multiplayer, which can result in friends popping up for a snowboard race, especially now that there is no entry barrier. The regular price is $29.99 / €29.99 but the base game is free for the moment. 

While there is no payment to use the base game, there is plenty of DLC that Ubisoft currently offers at discounts going up to 70 per cent. Other than that, it is worth noting that there is a microtransaction store within the game.

Ubisoft picture showing two characters skiing Steep

Even if you don't feel like spending money on DLC, Steep is an enjoyable experience that currently costs nothing. Ubisoft didn't release the numbers yet so there is no telling whether the game will match up to Assassin's Creed Unity giveaway where the company had to expand the servers to accommodate the massive influx of players.

Some players are wary about the reason for Steep's giveaway but there is currently no firm evidence that points to any particular reason. It is not excluded that Steep 2 is on the way and this is a way to promote the sequel though.


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