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Trials Rising Sixty-Six expansion is now available worldwide

Published: 13:33, 16 April 2019
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Trials Rising

Trials Rising Sixty-Six expansion will, as the name suggests, bring players to the iconic Route 66 where they will be able to go through various breakneck activities, as per usual. The DLC might require some more grinding, however.

Trials Rising's first DLC, Sixty-Six is now available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch as a standalone content pack, as a part of the gold edition or the expansion pass. It costs $7.99 / €7.99 / £6.39 on its own.

Route 66 will feature tracks along the American landmarks such as the Grand Canyon, streets of Chicago and more. In order to get into the content of Sixty-Six, players will need to complete League 3 in the base game. There are 24 new tracks in total with two new Stadium Finals and two additional Skill Games.

Aside from the tracks alongside the world-famous Route 66, the DLC will include more customisation options in the form of an American football outfit, which consists of a football helmet, jersey, football pants and cleats. New Contracts and new hidden golden squirrel collectables will be scattered throughout the game.

Those who have purchased the gold edition or the expansion pass will receive Sixty-Six at no additional charge, but some players have that show the DLC as to them. The actual promotional material found on the Steam page specifically states that the pass includes Sixty-Six meaning that if Ubisoft and RedLynx do not provide the content,  it would constitute either false advertising or outright fraud.

In reality, incompetence appears to be at fault here, rather than a scam. Another user previously had similar issues and Ubisoft's support about it.

Ubisoft Picture of a dirt bike rider flying through the night sky in Trials Rising Trials Rising

The answer revealed that if a player buys the game on Steam and expansion pass on Ubisoft store, they will be incompatible. Therefore, if you happened to do the same, you should refund the pass and buy it on whichever store you bought the base game on.

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Trials Rising

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