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Rogue Company to release on Steam next week

Published: 18:02, 14 July 2021
Hi-Rez Studios
Rogue Company - Dima
Rogue Company - Dima

Rogue Company is available across many platforms but it's exclusive to Epic Games Store when it comes to PC. That period is coming to an end soon.

Hi-Rez folks are gearing up for Steam release of Rogue Company , the game that has been available on EGS, PS4, Xbox One, Switch and current-gen consoles for a while now. Neither the devs nor Epic Games stated Rogue Company would be a timed exclusive but that appears to be the case here.

Anyway, Rogue Company now has July 20, 2021, as the release date on Steam which makes it a fairly interesting thing to try out if you haven't already. The game is free to play so there is no entry barrier but be aware that you will have only a small selection of available characters at the start. The rest will need to be unlocked through grinding or microtransactions.

Considering the game runs on Switch and the PC requirements listed are forgiving to say the least, you will probably not have any issues running the third-person shooter even if your hardware is dated.

In terms of what the game is all about, it's very much like a third-person Overwatch but the game modes usually revolve around killing the other team or controlling zones. There is even one where you plant a bomb and the other team is trying to prevent it, which could sound like Valorant at first but Rogue Company is not nearly as hardcore - it's easy to pick up without having extensive knowledge of hidden mechanics and map memory.

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