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Rocksteady staffing up early for AAA title on next get consoles

Published: 10:59, 10 September 2018
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Batman looking over a devastated part of town
Rocksteady Studios, Batman: Arkham Knight

Just as we heard news of Spider-Man's exploits still falling short of Batman: Arkham Knight, its developer Rocksteady Studios has been spotted in the wild, posting job listings for a game that will launch on next generation of consoles.

One thing is probably for certain though - DC is watching closely what happens with Spider-Man and so far, it's been for Marvel. As for DC, it has been rumoured for a while that Rocksteady are working on a Superman game, although they don't seem to be particularly chatty about it.

Piecing together fragments from Rocksteady's job listings, we know that it's a "highly anticipated upcoming AAA title" that will launch on next gen platforms. Moreover, the lead animator ad mentions that the studio is gunning for 90+ on Metacritic, so yeah - it's the big guns alright.

Having launched Batman: Arkham Knight to great critical acclaim in 2015, Rocksteady are supposedly done with the Dark Knight, leaving Superman as the most likely suspect. Most of the jobs are long term as well so if you consider yourself up to scruff, head on and try your luck. And let us know if it's Superman of course. No rush, whenever you're ready.

So far though, Batman: Arkham Knight and the new Spider-Man seem to be the most profitable hero real estate in the world of gaming, so we guess it's time for another to join the fray. Knowing Rocksteady's expertise, I wouldn't put it past them to outdo themselves and beat both.

Speaking of Superman, Rocksteady will be needing one, although they call him community manager. The community manager ad ended up spilling the beans on the magnitude of the project, as the company are looking for a seasoned veteran, shaped by the very crucible of twitter and reddit.

Warner Bros An assailant jumping at DC's Batman from Batman: Arkham Knight Batman: Arkham Knight

Hopefully the new community manager is found quickly so he can shed some light on what are we supposed to get excited over. After seeing Spidey come close to usurping Batman, it's only fair to give Supes a shot.

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