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Upcoming Red Dead Online update brings changes to PvP

Published: 15:58, 19 March 2019
picture showing multiple charachters riding horses in the desert
Red Dead Redemption 2

Rockstar have revealed their plans for the next Red Dead Online update that is scheduled to arrive sometime during Spring 2019. According to the announcement, the focus will be on changing PvP action with the new Hostility System.

It's safe to say that Rockstar are struggling to hit the nail in the head with the latest Red Dead Online beta updates. Earlier this month, some players were unhappy with hunting rewards nerf and the latest patch even in the single-player mode.

However, Rockstar are planning to rework some of the Red Dead Online beta features and also introduce some new systems to offer an overall better experience to players.

According to the latest blog post, Rockstar's next update for Red Dead Online is coming sometime during Spring 2019 and it will introduce The Hostility System and Offensive and Defensive playstyle options.

The Hostility System will try to build on the anti-griefing feature that was introduced in February 2019. For example, if a player attacks you, you will be able to defend yourself without incurring Bounties or Hostility increases. Previously, both the attacker and target were marked as an enemy but now, only the player that inflicted damage will be immediately marked as an enemy. Players will not accumulate Hostility increases for killing players who are marked.

Also, Hostility increases will not apply within Free Roam Events, Missions, Showdowns and Races but attacking other players not engaged in the activities will cause your Hostility level to rise.

As for the two new playing styles, these are getting introduced to offer players more flexibility in how they interact with the world. If you choose The Defensive Playing Style, other players won't be able to lasso you, lock on to you or deal critical hits.

Rockstar picture showing a cowboy with a dead rabbit Red Dead Redemption 2

Also, if a Defensive player is attacked with a headshot, they will survive the attack and will be able to defend themselves or escape while remaining in Defensive mode. The Offensive style, on the other hand, doesn't bring additional changes and it's similar to the current Free Roam play.

The new update will also introduce more A Land of Opportunities and Free Roam missions and you can find more details on that in Rockstar's .

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Red Dead Redemption 2
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