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Red Dead Online - The Golden Spirit Bear sighting mission

Published: 12:51, 07 October 2020
Red Dead Online - New sighting mission - Golden Spirit Bear
Red Dead Online - New sighting mission - Golden Spirit Bear

Red Dead Online has a new sighting mission this week. The Golden Spirit Bear has been seen mauling poachers in Big Valley. Players can also get bonus club XP, Naturalist discounts and more.

Red Dead Online's vast wilderness is teeming with exotic wildlife. Lately, there have been reports of bodies of poachers found to have been mauled by the massive Golden Spirit Bear in Big Valley.

The Golden Spirit Bear is known for its thick, golden-blonde coat – captivating to the eye and prized by poachers alike. If you'd like to take the beast on yourself, talk to Harriet to launch the Sighting Mission and be careful lest you add to the bear's body count.

Sample or Kill the Golden Spirit Bear to receive an offer for 50 per cent off an Established or Higher Naturalist Item and bring its pelt back to Gus’ Trapper Store for a lush, custom coat made of the bear’s coveted fur.

While at Harriet's, you may want to pick up the latest Vitalism Studies Pamphlet and start gathering Harrietum Officinalis to complete your transformation into a wild boar.

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Rewards for the week

Everyone who plays Red Dead Online anytime this week between October 6 and 12 will receive 5,000 Club XP.


Players can also earn twice the usual XP from Role Missions – including all Bounties, Trader and Moonshiner Sell Missions, Moonshiner Story and Bootlegger Missions, and Naturalist Sighting and Poaching Missions.

Free Roam Events, Showdowns, Races, A Land of Opportunities and Free Roam Missions are all doling out double XP until October 12th.

Naturalist discounts 

Aspiring Naturalists can take 5 Gold Bars off the price of Harriet’s Animal Field Guide and 40 per cent off all Naturalist Role Items. Plus, those looking to visit Gus to purchase Trinkets can take 30 per cent off the cost of assembly.

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