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Red Dead Online leaves beta, adds Poker, new missions and events

Published: 15:20, 14 May 2019
red dead online artwork showing three persons playing a game of cards
Red Dead Online

Rockstar released another major update for Red Dead Online that includes a host of new gameplay changes as well as brand new content such as Poker, Free Roam missions and events. Furthermore, the devs outlined plans for the summer updates.

Red Dead Online has received another huge update, which is now live on all platforms. The update marks the end of beta testing and introduces a lot of new content which includes new missions, new game mode, Poker and events. On top of that, Rockstar also added a lot of gameplay changes to the hostility system, along with some balancing and overall improvements.

A new mission arrives to A Land of Opportunities for both honourable and dishonourable players. After the last mission which ended in a showdown at Fort Mercer, you'll get to help Mrs LeClerk get closer to the truth behind the murder of her husband or battle the Del Lobos gang and help Marshall Tom Davies save Valentine in a more honourable path.

One of the biggest additions in the new update is Poker, which you can play in towns and outposts across the map. You can challenge your friends to a private game of Hold ’Em or test your skills and luck on a public table, where the buy-ins and rewards are even higher. Up to six players can play Poker in Blackwater, Saint Denis, Tumbleweed, Valentine and Flatneck Station.

Furthermore, Rockstar also added new free roam missions, three new Posse Versus Challenges and a fresh batch of dynamic events that offer XP, Honor, Cash and even Gold rewards.

As for the gameplay changes, today's update brings the option to choose how you interact with other players in Red Dead Online. You can pick the Offensive or Defensive playing style that will change the way you can interact with players.

The Offensive playing style is set as default and it's the traditional way where you are free to engage other players and accept the potential consequences. The Defensive style is for those who love to explore the world in Free Roam than engage in combat. It's designed to let other players know you don't want to get into a fight with them.

Rockstar red dead online screenshot showing a man in black coat and hat holding a gun Red Dead Online

The update also introduces improvements and changes to the game's hostility system, removes Auto-Aim Headshot Tracking for enemy players only, adds faster weapon swaps and new control scheme.

Rockstar also revealed that sometime in summer, they will introduce a class-like system for characters to offer players new and unique gameplay that each class brings.

Check the , for more details on the latest update.

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