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Rocket League preparing for a different kind of anniversary event

Published: 17:41, 04 July 2018
A red racing car from Rocket League with a birthday cake on top
Rocket Leaue

Just in case you've grown tired of Neymar diving deeper than the deepest depths of Destiny 2's paywalls, try to remember than cars can't dive. So, Rocket League is approaching its third birthday and Psyonix are ready to mark it in style.

Before we move onto event details, you should know that Rocket League's third birthday approximately coincides with the 10th anniversary since the launch of its predecessor, Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle Cars.

Sure, Rocket League may be easier to pronounce but I find myself strangely leaning towards the other name. No I'm not writing it again, you think keyboard keys grow on trees?

Anyway, the anniversary event runs from 09-23 July 2018 and Psyonix promises something different from previous events, starting with addition of a new 3v3 playlist to the casual playlist page. In case you've been with Rocket League since the beginning, Throwback Stadium will be like riding a bike.

Throwback Stadium's goals are arranged a bit differently, again hinting at the Battle Cars type of layout. Moreover, Psyonix made sure that ball physics on this stadium mimics that of Battle Cars, meaning you should expect the ball to be a bit lighter.

The dev will be dumping event crates over the course of the event, instead opting for anniversary themed balloons. You earn balloons by playing online matches and you can redeem them for anniversary surprises - Golden Eggs. No keys or decryptors are needed to crack them open, with one of 60 customization items from the now-gone Champions Series Crates waiting inside. 

Note that the balloons will only be around during the event and Psyonix warned users that there will be no one week redemption grace period. Golden Egg items can be traded for others from its own series, but not with crate items.

Psyonix Two cars chasing a ball in Rocket League Rocket League

In case you're interested in more details about the event, you can hop on over to the official Rocket League's anniversary . The dev revealed that Throwback Stadium will be added to private and local matches, as well as tournaments, in the game's next major update.

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