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Rocket League hits 50 million players ahead of Season 9

Published: 08:58, 20 September 2018
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Psyonics took to Twitter recently to thank both their veteran players as well as the newcomers for helping the game reach 50 million players in total. The number represents players across all platforms and it surfaced days before Season 9.

Considering this is a number that reflects player count on all platforms, it means 10 million players joined Rocket League in 2018 across PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Therefore a decent portion of the new players could potentially be attributed to Switch's rampant popularity at the end of 2017 and across 2018.

PlayStation 4 saw the game coming for free to PS Plus users so another surge of new players happened. That said, PC version of Rocket League is having a good time on its own as the concurrent player numbers have been steadily hovering in 30.000 to 35.000 concurrent play range ever since December 2016.

December 2016 marked the peak in Rocket League's growth but the game didn't shed players after that.PUBG Corp could definitely use a lesson in player retention from Psyonics.

While those numbers on PC are the average concurrent players, peak hours each day see many more players than that. Almost double that number, in fact, as peaks have ranged from 55.000 to 82.000 concurrent players from December 2016 up to September 2018.

Rocket League's success can be attributed to Psyonics' continued support with regular updates that often feature new content, as well as partnerships with popular franchises in other media. Who wouldn't want to drive an R34 GTR Skyline from Fast and Furious, right?

Another well known franchise that will jump into Rocket League is Hot Wheels, which will be coming along with Season 9 on 24 September 2018. The Season 9 update will arrive simultaneously on all platforms and will, on top of Hot Wheels cosmetics, include changes to some game modes.

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Namely, Dropshot, Hoops, Snow Day and Rumble will join the ranked queues as these modes will no longer be Casual-only. This should see an expanded interest in ranked queues, but the exact player count consequences will be seen only later on.

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