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Rocket League will soon have Tournaments and performance updates for the Switch

Published: 13:30, 01 February 2018
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Rocket League

Psyonix shared its road map for Rocket League updates they plan on releasing during the next couple of months. Some quality of life improvements that have to do with in-game items and a new Tournaments mode are set to release in March.

Psyonix has recently shared its Spring 2018 development road map for Rocket League. The map fleshes out the release dates for some of the more important new features. 

The new update schedule the team is testing out includes things like the new Competitive Seasons (and rewards), maps, events, and DLC. Feature updates such as Tournaments or Cross-Platform Parties are also in Rocket League's future.

February, 2018, will bring the game's seventh Competitive Season, as well as rewards for the sixth. There'll also be a new crate and some fresh RLCS Fan Rewards. Psyonix will also start the Steam public beta for their upcoming Tournaments Feature in February.

Psyonix Logo for Tournaments mode in Rocket League Rocket League - Tournaments logo

In March, Psyonix plans to release a new Licensed premium DLC along with a "Spring Event". Rocket League will have Tournaments mode after the Spring feature update rolls around. In the Tournaments mode, you'll play against other players in bracketed, single elimination tournaments.

Some quality of life improvements such as item stacking, better item filtering and sorting are on their way and will arrive sometime in March or April. Messages such as "One Minute Remaining" will be disabled.

Rocket League's Switch version will receive some performance and visual quality updates. The game's performance mode will run at 900p (Docked) compared to 720p (Handheld). Both will have 60 FPS with infrequent dynamic resolution scaling. Quality mode will have native 1080p (Docked) versus 720p (Handheld) and will run at 30 FPS with added visual effects.

Psyonix A friends list in Psuonix' Rocket League Rocket League - friends list

Psyonix plans to discuss further improvements once the Tournaments are live in the game. As a quick reminder, here are some of the features that are still being developed for release in 2018:

  • Cross-Platform Parties

Party up and matchmake with players from other (participating) platforms

  • Progression Updates

Make XP relevant again

Earn Decryptors through play

New Banners, Titles, and other rewards for reaching high levels

  • New Arenas
  • New Features
  • Xbox One X - We are now targeting Xbox One X support for late 2018
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