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Riot remove League's client options and make the client even buggier

Published: 01:46, 03 November 2021
Riot Games
Let us hope they fix the basic issues the old client has, and not just polish it up
The cross-game client is not what the fans wanted, nor is it something we need either

We all know when the "skip waiting for stats" option comes up, and we all know what it means. Now Riot are trying to sell the fact that they've removed it, as something positive, and paint themselves in a good light.

Riot Games have, in numerous ways, tried to tack on solutions to the League of Legends Client, in lieu of actually fixing it, or remaking it, from the ground up.

The developers seem to be well aware of the fact that, if League of Legends, their most successful game, doesn't;t keep moving forward constantly, it will only lead to ruin. However, that doesn't mean that the Client, which has always been something held together will spit and duct tape, can't be made anew, instead of just adding on new and shiny things.

In recent days, since the last patch, the Client has been even buggier than normal, and a lot of fans have been complaining about this fact. In the patch notes, we can see that Riot have taken to removing options from the Client, so as to "accurately reflect the client's state". Well, that state, is in absolute shambles.

Two or three games is the maximum of what can be played, before the client stops working, making you have to leave the game, and restart it, and the option we used to have, that covered this inconsistency, and made it so we wouldn't have to restart the client so often if we wish to play the game, is now removed, for some reason.

Riot Games Splash art for the new League of Legends champion Viego Viego - The Buggy King has nothing on League of Legend's Client

Not to worry, though, when you leave the League of Legends, with no prompting, the newest Riot Games client will open, making the whole experience extra tedious. But, can't let the effort of making something that is unneeded, such as the Riot Client, go to waste, so it must be, metaphorically, shoved down the throat of fans, until we accept it as fact.

All in all, the game is in a state of balance, the client works, and there is no war in Ba Sing Se.

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