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League of Legends 2023: Season 13 Start Date, new Kickoff Event and more

Published: 10:32, 04 January 2023
Riot Games
League of Legends Season 13 will start with a brand new Kickoff Event!
League of Legends Season 13 will start with a brand new Kickoff Event!

The new League of Legends Season 13 is starting on January 12, 2023. With the start of the new season, Riot is bringing some events to it. A brand-new Kickoff event will replace the All-Star event and much more!

The first patch of 2023 will be released on January 10, 2023. We also know that there will be a large two-day event to celebrate the commencement of a new League of Legends season. We already introduced you to the ARURF 2023 League of Legends Event that starts on January 12, 2023.

The League of Legends All-Star Event will be replaced by the Kickoff event. While All-Stars have offered innumerable wonderful moments for players and spectators throughout the years, the current schedule can be difficult for many All-Star players. 

Riot Games decided that Replacing All-Stars with the Season Kickoff event would eventually provide a well-deserved respite for professional players as well as an exciting new platform for fans, supplementing the end-of-year local tournaments and festivities that regions normally host during this time.

In past years, the ranked season began a day or two after the first patch was released, thus we may anticipate the ranked season to begin on January 13, 2023, which is a Friday and two days after the release of League of Legends Patch 13.1. The jungle will see significant modifications in the next League of Legends season 13. 

Junglers will now be joined by a buddy who will assist them, as previously tested in the 2023 preseason. Your rank will be reset at the start of the season, as is customary. While Riot opted to make the resets a little tougher for Season 12, no statement has been made about the ranked resets in 2023.

The League of Legends Season 2023 opening event will be held on January 10 and 11. This indicates that the ranked season will most likely begin around that time, and we can also anticipate a League of Legends Season broadcast and teaser to be aired around that time to get us excited about League of Legends Season 13.


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