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Respawn are working on a new singleplayer adventure

Published: 09:03, 23 July 2021
Cal wall running in combat with two Stormtroopers in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order
Respawn know how to make wall running cool.

Apex Legends and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order developers Respawn Entertainment are working on an unannounced single-player adventure set in a unique universe.

Respawn Entertainment have been EA's best studio lately with critically acclaimed releases such as Apex Legends and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order . The creators of  Titanfall are also busy at work on their new game which will be another single-player title.

Thanks to the success of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, EA decided to put a bigger emphasis on such games so we have new Dead Space, Mass Effect games announced, as well as this mysterious new project from Respawn.

Recent job listings have revealed a couple of new details about the game, which seems to be an action-adventure set in a unique universe. Here's the brief description on Respawn's careers page:

"This new singleplayer title is a designer’s dream playground with a freedom to innovate made possible by the unique universe it inhabits. Our critically acclaimed, multi-platform games have always established a 'fun comes first' sensibility in a design process that allows creativity and new ideas to shine"

Judging by the description, it's possible this project could be a new IP but don't rule out a Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order sequel just yet, since EA confirmed they will have a Star Wars-related announcement next year.

All in all, we have to say that we're excited to hear more about Respawn's new single-player adventure game. The team showed they can create some memorable experiences before so the hype levels for their next big thing are certainly on the rise.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is Respawn's story-driven adventure

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

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