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Dante's Inferno available on PC in 4K 60 FPS, ten years after initial release

Published: 09:59, 09 March 2020
Dante's Inferno screenshot showing combat
Dante's Inferno in 4K

Dante's Inferno, a 10-year-old hack and slash title is looking better than ever thanks to the latest PC port, which brings 4K support for crispy sharp visuals and 60 FPS for buttery-smooth gameplay.

Remember Dante's Inferno? God of War-like, hack and slash title from Dead Space creators Visceral Games, who are sadly no more? Well, ten years after its official release on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, Dante's Inferno is available on PC.

Of course, the port is not official since Visceral Games have been closed down by EA in 2017, but thanks to the developers of RPCS3, an open-source PlayStation 3 emulator for Windows, you can now play Dante's Inferno in crispy clear 4K and buttery smooth 60 FPS.

Yes, you read that right, the game is completely playable via the emulator and you can see the gameplay footage in the video above. It is safe to say that the game looks great despite being a 10-year-old title, all thanks to 4K resolution.

The emulator developers say that graphics and performance have been great on the emulators for years, however, the issue with physics made it impossible to finish certain stages of the game. On top of this, stuttering during cutscenes and stability issues were also holding this PC port back. 

Luckily, the team managed to fix the problems and say that even mid-range PC's will be able to hit 60 FPS without issues. 

RPCS3 Dante's Inferno screenshot showing a demon fight Dante's Inferno on PC

This is, of course, a huge opportunity to all PC players to dive straight into hell and slay some demons and Satan himself. You can find more information about the PS3 emulator on the official website.

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