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Ubisoft, EA, and WB Games veterans form Raccoon Logic studio

Published: 13:00, 11 August 2021
Raccoon Logic logo
Raccoon Logic logo

Raccoon Logic will pick up where the Google-acquired Typhoon Studio left off, including the rights to Journey to the Savage Planet.

Action-adventure veterans who formerly worked at industry giants such as EA, Ubisoft and Warner Bros. have formed a new studio named Raccoon Logic.

This new studio is reformed Typhoon Studios, according to the official press release:

"Having collectively worked together on and off for many years, and after spending many more years at some of the biggest and most prolific developers on the planet, the core talent from Typhoon Studios have reformed and announced a brand new studio: Raccoon Logic."

The team have managed to secure a large initial investment from Chinese giant Tencent and regain the Journey to the Savage Planet IP, which means a new game from this action-adventure space franchise is now a real possibility.

PR Raccoon Logic team Raccoon Logic team

Alex Hutchinson, Creative Director at Raccoon Logic says the team is truly excited to be back making games they believe in. 

"We’re excited to be back in the indie space, making the games we truly believe in with an amazing new team,” he said. 

"The early investment from Tencent is a huge boost, meaning we can do significant work on our own before we start talking to publishers. We love systemic games, games with a sense of humor and a big heart, and games with strong flavours that get reactions from players. We’re going to keep pushing on those ideas and we’ll have something to show soon!"

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