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There's a new Reservoir Dogs game and it's kind of weird

Published: 08:51, 19 April 2017
Updated: 17:41, 19 May 2017
Big Star Games
Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days

Big Star Games development studio is working on a new Reservoir Dogs game. Reservoir Dogs: Bloddy Days has little to do with its namesake movie, but does feature a fun game mechanic.

Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days is under development by a Barcelona based studio Big Star Games. This is a second crack at a Reservoir game, as Volatile Games tried to develop a third person shooter some ten years ago.

The controversial game from 2006 didn't do so well in the terms of overall reception and being approved by the Australian Office of Film and Literature Classification. The game shared its and the names of the characters with the movie. Mr Blonde actor, Michael Madsen was the only member of the original cast to lend his face to his game counterpart.

Big Star Games Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days

The new game by Big Star looks somewhat promising, despite having little to no actual connection to the movie. Maybe that's a good thing for it actually, considering the paragraph above.

The Bloody Days will bear a Reservoir Dogs title, and Mr Pink, Mr Orange and the crew will make an appearance, but not one original actor will reprise his role. The game's plot is also going to differ from the one in the movie itself.

Big Star Games Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days

The Bloody Days will be a spin on a blend of turn based and real time combat. The game will feature a flash-back mechanic in the form of an option to rewind time over and over again in an effort to pull off the perfect heist.

All things considered, the game could have easily been called A Trip to the Candy Mountain or, The Mystery Spot and it would have made zero difference. Frankly I don't understand why the studio even bothered to licence Reservoir Dogs' and its characters' names in the first place.

Big Star Games Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days

Anyway, Bloody Days won't be a third person shooter, but a top-down game where you compete a series of heists with two or three characters from the roster, per mission, and it will be launching on Steam on 18 May.

Update: Official gameplay trailer is here and I'm still not sure what is the reason behind the Reservoir Dogs parallel. Check out the latest trailer above this article.

Another update: The game is now available on  as well.

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