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Remnant 2 trailer reveals Handler the dog's abilities

Published: 12:12, 19 April 2023
Remnant 2 - Handler
Remnant 2 - Handler

Remnant 2 devs revealed the abilities of what is probably the most adorable archetype in the game.

Handlers in Remnant 2 have already been revealed so people already knew it was all about working in tandem with the player's canine friend but this time around Gearbox and Gunfire Games presented the actual abilities of both the human and the dog.

For starters, the dog's welfare largely depends on how close it is to the handler. The dog will have a passive heal over time that will top it off between fights but the handler can increase the regeneration by petting it. 

In case the four-legged companion gets downed, the players can revive it just like any other party member. Conversely, the dog can also revive party members, including the handler.

The dog will have three modes which will dictate what its howl does. In Guard Dog mode, the howl will generate more threat and the dog will take less damage, essentially making it the tank of the party.

Support Dog will passively increase the allies' health regeneration and activating the howl will cause the regen to be more powerful while granting the party members a speed buff.

Assault Dog mode gives it additional damage output and the howl extends the buff to all allies around the dog, which should make it perfect for DPS phases on any boss.

Additionally, the Handler doesn't use skills of their own but rather commands the dog what to do. This can range from attacking enemies over falling to guarding allies.


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