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Rekkles is transferring to G2 Esports apparently

Published: 21:39, 18 November 2020
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League of Legends pro player Caps on stage
Claps back in business

G2 Esports seems to have signed Martin "Rekkles" Larsson, with the huge news coming in less than an hour after the announcement of his departure from Fnatic.

Fnatic fans are probably going to remember the evening of November 18, 2020, as one of the worst in the history of their favourite team since they not only lost their superstar and face of the League of Legends squad but he appears to have transferred to their rival team, G2 Esports.

This information came mere minutes after both Fnatic and Rekkles announced the player's departure and it's not officially confirmed yet. It is coming from EsportsManiacos's Pablo Suárez, usually known as Bloop in League of Legends community.

Considering his track record of accurate transfer information before it becomes officially available, it is fairly safe to assume this one is also correct. His initial tweet was followed up by another, simply stating "It's a done deal guys", meaning we should see the official announcements shortly. 

If this info indeed turns out to be true, G2's memeing over acquiring a new ADC earlier in the day would make much more sense as well as Rekkles' way of announcing the FNC departure, where he apologised to the fans.

They were initially supportive of their former superstar but it remains to be seen if the sentiment will change now that his next destination is revealed.

This is not the first time G2 took a star player from FNC, with Caps being the first one they snatched back in 2018.

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