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Reinhardt might get major buffs with Overwatch 2

Published: 03:48, 21 February 2021
Reinhardt - Festive
Reinhardt - Festive

Overwatch 2 behind the scenes provided some info on the balance differences from the first game, including several buffs for the suicide tank, Reinhardt.

Reinhardt players are either beloved or hated, depending on how much they spam charge and die from it. That stands to change with Overwatch 2 launch as the grandpa with a hammer is getting some major kit reworks.

First, and possibly the most important change, is that Rein will gain much more control over his Charge. He will be able to steer better and cancel the ability. If you miss your target, you no longer need to keep going straight to the enemy backline where you will ultimately die a pointless death. 

More experienced players were technically doing this already by ramming into walls and other obstacles to avoid overextending but this change should make it easier than ever. We can already bet some players will still charge all the way to the enemy base even after missing the pin.

Gathering Earthshatter energy should also be easier since Firestrike will have two charges. In theory, this should mean safer ways of dealing damage and getting the ulti more consistently when you are on the barrier duty but it remains to be seen if Blizz will decide to nerf the ability's damage to compensate for the higher frequency.

Combined with the class passives that are being tested for OW2 , Reinhardt should become a fearsome close-quarters combatant that will cause panic in enemy backlines.

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