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Overwatch 2 to introduce passive abilities to roles

Published: 03:21, 21 February 2021
Overwatch - Legendary Reinhardt skin
Overwatch - Legendary Reinhardt skin

Jeff from the Overwatch team shared some information about what we can possibly expect to change in PvP when Overwatch 2 launches, including perks for each class.

Overwatch has been suffering from everyone wanting to play damage roles ever since the game launched. Even the 2-2-2 role queue didn't help since the waiting time for damage was slightly longer than the wait for Overwatch 2.

It seems like Blizzard are now taking a different approach to incentivise players to try other roles out. For example, they are looking to make OW2 tanks more into bruisers, meaning they will still be chunky but more focus will be shifted to dealing damage from acting as a barrier-providing monkey. No Winston pun intended.

As such, what we currently know as tanks will get a passive bonus that will make knockback and knock up abilities have less effect on them. This will essentially make them stickier and harder to peel off the squishy targets. Reinhardt should be really fearsome in close combat after these changes.

However, damage dealers will still have a decent chance to escape since they are supposed to get a movement speed boost, on top of their regular mobility tools. This should help them flank easier and make matches more dynamic.

Healers are meant to get passive health regeneration that works pretty much the same as what Mercy already has. This should make them more self-sufficient and allow for more opportunities to block healing with Ana's grenade or use Moira's slurp orb instead of the healing one.

These changes are still experimental and Jeff's crew might decide to drop them at some point leading up to Overwatch 2 release.

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