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Battlefield V trailer in combination with reddit memes fun times

Published: 19:33, 24 May 2018
Battlefield V is bringing unprecedented historical accuracy to educate the masses
Battlefield V - Count meme

When a trailer for a highly anticipated video game is released, it is usually met with hype and people retelling the epic moments on reddit. Battlefield V turned out to be a bit different, with no applause, but many epic memes on reddit.

Battlefield V's controversial trailer included a female soldier with a prosthetic arm fighting Nazis during World War 2. This caused a public outcry, which was followed by mass ridiculing of the game. The outcry part, where fans felt stabbed through the neck with immersion breaking details of the trailer does not prompt many laughs and is best left to be discussed on forum threads or among twitter mobs.

The ridiculing part on the other hand, are genius memes that will make your day. This meme craze either, and we quickly took to making Battlefield V memes ourselves. They may provide you with a decent chuckle, but if it's not enough, reddit has you covered. 

Among reddit's bright minds is u/thedarksyde, who decided to educate the ignorant masses by providing proof that there were women , let alone World War 2. Clearly, this wonderful and brave woman was an unsung war hero, as she is the central feature of the photograph. Not even Chris Pine's heroics were up to par, so he was relegated to stand a little to the left. Most outrageous.

While many misogynists are complaining about a woman soldier in World War 2, they are completely forgetting that DICE absolutely ruined Battlefield V's immersion by including a in the trailer. Many thanks to u/maxcavalera and the two vigilantes that noticed this absolutely mind boggling irregularity.

While these three upstanding citizens definitely deserve merits for being ever vigilant, I must personally praise u/kieran1711 for keeping an eye on the future of Battlefield V even during these turbulent times on reddit. This hero of the modern era has found a poster detailing DICE's post-launch plans for the game. Feast your eyes upon it ladies and gentlemen.

The last, but by no means the least, is u/WIECEq's  . Many thanks sir, for extending my lifespan with the laughs you provided.

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