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Red Dead Redemption 2 trailer: watch it now

Published: 15:03, 20 October 2016
Updated: 14:50, 09 February 2017
Red Dead Redemption 2... coming in late 2017
Red Dead Redemption 2... coming in late 2017

John Marston - we think - is at the centre of our first glimpse of Rockstar Games' new Red Dead Redemption 2

Rockstar Games has just released the trailer for its first game in four years, Red Dead Redemption 2, and it looks as good as we hoped.

It's barely a minute long and hints at more than it reveals, but if you want a massive shot of Old West action on your PlayStation or Xbox, you won't care: Rockstar is trusted to deliver.

surprised us all with a teaser tweet last week of the first new Red Dead since 2010, before revealing a name, a provisional release schedule of late 2017, and a trailer announcement. The game's is also now live, pricing it at £54.99 for PlayStation and Xbox in the UK.

Today's trailer plunges straight into the Old West once more. John Marston isn't explicitly shown, but it's thought it is set during his time as a frontier outlaw years before the story of the original Redemption tale of 1911, and well before wife Abigail and son Jack.

The gorgeous trailer makes no reference to game platforms other than generic PlayStation 4 and Xbox One branding on the game page: it's mooted that the launch of the game will be delayed . Nor was there any mention of how VR may integrate with the game.

One bit of news relevant to PlayStation owners: Rockstar and PlayStation have said that , while the original version will feature on PlayStation Now soon, so playable on the PS4.

Multiplayer is barely hinted at either - a posse is shown galloping over a plain - although it's certain to be massively upgraded compared to the 2010 original, and mirror GTA5's vast open-world anything-goes Heists model, certain if only that GTA5 Online is estimated to make $250m annually for Rockstar and publisher Take-Two Interactive. Great Train Robberies seems obvious, but how about cattle drives, lone-wolf bounty hunters, and gold panning?

Industry experts predict 10m sales in the first quarter of launch; the original sold an estimated 14m in its lifetime, and won a slew of awards as it went on to be hailed one of the all-time greats of gaming. It still has a Metacritic rating of 95%. Surprisingly though it had only one DLC, the odd zombie-themed Undead Nightmare.

And let's not forget the music, always an area where Rockstar truly excel. It's very soothing in the trailer, but previously Jose Gonzalez won numerous awards for his haunting soundtrack song Far Away, and the for both Red Dead Redemption and its lesser-hailed predecessor Red Dead Revolver (2004) make for fantastic listening.



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