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Red Dead Redemption 2 tied to next Xbox/PS4

Published: 11:08, 11 October 2016
Red Dead Redemption 2 rumours
The name's John Marston... and his story will be continued in a prequel

Upgraded PS4 and Xbox consoles likely to precursor any new RDR

Rumours of the next stage in the Red Dead story have been bubbling under for years, but a few things seem to indicate a Red Dead Redemption 2 is nearer than ever.

Various sites have commented on an affirmation in an earnings call by publisher Take-Two Interactive's boss Strauss Zelnick, that the franchise is a living breathing permanent fixture in the company's roster. Well overdue for a new instalment then, given that , we'd say.

Meanwhile a basket of tips and teases suggest that despite missing every major chance to make an announcement this year, Rockstar is looking at making some sort of reveal next Spring.

The stumbling block seems to have been the development of 4K Xbox and PS4 hardware, the and . If a sequel (in fact a prequel) is tied to both being available, that would put the first release date for RDR2 towards the end of 2017, after the new Xbox launch. The PS4 Pro is released next month.

Rockstar have pedigree for keeping details of their megahits well under wraps, but snippets have leaked that indicate maps far bigger than before and new multiplayer modes - all easily predicted, and neither requiring new consoles to do (particularly since Sony say the PS4 Pro should offer no game features unaccessible to the existing PS4).

What would be more interesting is if any new RDR has a VR mode. Rockstar made a first-person mode for GTA V, and an enhanced Red Dead with VR to see the landscapes of the Wild West would mark a major leap forward that chimes strongly with Sony and Microsoft's desire for a strong roster of .


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