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Red Dead Online update boosts gold rewards and reduces gun prices

Published: 14:13, 07 December 2018
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Red Dead Online

Rockstar have released the first update for Red Dead Online open beta and the list of changes includes increased gold and money rewards and reduced weapon prices. Another batch of fixes for some persistent issues will follow next week.

Ever since its release, the biggest talking point around Red Dead Online's open beta was its broken reward system. Players voiced their concerns about the in-game gold currency, which required approximately 8 hours of deathmatch and races grinding just to get one gold bar.

Rockstar confirmed they have been working on balancing changes and that the rewards system was their primary goal for the next update, which is now live. The update increased cash and gold rewards across a number of different activities, such as Free Roam Missions, Free Roam Events, Replays of A Land of Opportunities Missions and Showdown series modes. 

Additionally, Rockstar reduced the prices of almost every weapon in the Wheeler, Rawson & Co Catalogue and Gunsmiths. Rockstar will even refund the difference for players who already purchased weapons at previous prices. Not all players will get refunds immediately though, as Rockstar plan to roll them out steadily in next few days.

Balancing changes to pelts, skins and fish values as well as horse revivers and pamphlets have also been included. Along with these changes, Rockstar are hoping to release another update next week. The developer has been working on fixes for some persistent bugs which caused session kicks and disconnects.

Last but definitely not least is Rockstar's gift to all players who participated in the open beta. Everyone will receive RDO$250 and 15 gold bars which will hopefully soothe the burns of those already weary of the gold grind. Just like with the weapons, the gifts will be rolled out steadily and everyone should receive them by Friday, 14 December 2018.

Rockstar picture showing multiple charachters riding horses in the desert Red Dead Redemption 2

You can check the blog post on Rockstar's official for more info about the update. And to get a clearer picture of just how broken the rewards system was, wanted to employ third-world labour to grind gold for him. That option looked more attractive to him than forking the cash over to Rockstar.


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