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Red Dead Online Special Celebration - get a free Bounty Hunter’s Kit

Published: 16:29, 04 February 2020
Take-Two Interactive
Bounty Hunter role from Red Dead Online
Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online is holding a Special Celebration from 4 February until 10 February. Those who play the game during that time can get their hands on a free Bounty Hunter’s Kit. A bunch of additional bonuses and benefits are also up for grabs during the event.

Any players out there who want to get the Bounty Hunter’s Kit in Red Dead Online? The kit includes a Free Bounty Hunter License, Bolas and Tracking ArrowsPlus discounts on select Horses, Stable Slots and more.

The Bounty Hunter's Kit

If you play Red Dead Online between 4 February and 10 February 2020, you'll get your hands on some new gifts for new and active Bounty Hunters. A free Bounty Hunter License will be available from any Bounty Board, provided you don't already have one.

All players are also eligible to receive 25 Bolas, a thrown weapon that tangles the legs of fleeing targets plus 25 Tracking Arrows. Both ammo gifts can be picked up from your local Camp Lockbox and Post Office.

Additional Bonuses and Benefits

The additional bonuses and benefits will include the following discounts:

  • Stable Slots 25 per cent off
  • Breton 40 per cent off*
  • Kladruber 40 per cent off*
  • Criollo 40 per cent off*
  • Norfolk Roadster Horses 40 per cent off*

*With select Coats.

Discounted emotes are as follows:

  • I'm Watching You 40 per cent off
  • Hat Tipping 40 per cent off
  • Look To Distance 40 per cent off
  • Hangover Emotes 40 per cent off

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PlayStation Plus and Twitch Prime members:

Those among you who belong to the PlayStation Plus clique will get 3 free Mash Refills for their Moonshiner operation and 3 free Trader Resupplies.

Twitch Prime members who have linked their account to the Rockstar Games Social Club will receive the Collector's Bag and Polished Copper Still Upgrade - all free of charge. If you wish to sign up, you can visit .

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