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MIcrotransactions are coming to Red Dead Online in no time

Published: 15:42, 28 November 2018
picture showing characters in RDR2
Red Dead Redemption 2

Rockstar confirmed that Red Dead Online store is yet to go live as they want to make sure everything works as intended before the launch. The store will allow players to buy gold bars which can be spent on camp and weapon cosmetics.

Red Dead Online beta is finally live and we're getting more and more information from Rockstar about upcoming features in Red Dead Redemption 2 multiplayer version. Some of them are already here, while other stuff will not be available in the early beta as Rockstar want to make sure everything is working properly before switching them on.

One of these is Red Dead Online Store where players will be able to use real-world money to buy in-game stuff. Well, not directly, since you have to buy gold bars which are the in-game currency that you can spend on camp decorations or weapon cosmetics.

As of now, only cosmetics have been confirmed by Rockstar but players have found a vendor that offers to change honour status for three gold bars. Honour status is a big thing in Red Dead Online and it will change the player's experience based on how honourable of dishonourable they are. This means players will be able to alter their Red Dead Online experience with real-world money. 

We don't know how far will Rockstar push with microtransactions and what kind of items will be available in the Red Dead Online Store, but you can fully expect them to make the gold bars hunt one grindy experience.

Some redditors already calculated how much time is needed to get one gold bar, and in the best case scenario, players will have to grind for more than eight hours. So yeah, to change your honour status go play deathmatch or races for twenty-four hours. It remains to be seen if Rockstar changes these numbers during the beta.

Rockstar RDR2 camp of outlows setting up after a move in the mist with a broken wagon Red Dead Redemption 2 - The outlaw camp

The info about microtransactions doesn't come as a surprise given the huge success of GTA Online Shark Cards which brought the company more money than you can shake a revolver at. Let's hope Rockstar doesn't get too greedy with their western and keep them out of gameplay, which is where they belong.

You can find a detailed look at Red Dead Online's battle-royale mode and check out more on the camp upgrades and customisations


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Red Dead Redemption 2
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