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Red Dead Online glitch lets you make infinite money

Published: 17:08, 30 November 2018
three characters riding horses
Red Dead Redemption 2

Players have discovered a glitch in Red Dead Online which allows them to make an infinite amount of money. This can be achieved in two ways and both methods are yet to be addressed by Rockstar as Red Dead Online goes live for all players.

Red Dead Online's beta is available to all players who own Red Dead Redemption 2 as of today - 30 November 2018. Of course, a huge influx of cowboys has already resulted in glitches and exploits. One of them allows the players to make infinite money and big sums can be achieved in two methods.

First one was found by YouTuber called Obese Giraffe. To exploit the glitch you'll have to ride to Emerald Ranch which is the location found in New Hannover, just west of Valentine. We marked it on the map below.

Once you arrive, kill the animals in their pens. There should be one for cattle, sheep, goats and chicken. The next step is to skin them and after that enter the game's menu. Scroll to Online section, enter it and choose Free Roam option.

This will start a new session and the most important part - you'll still have animal carcasses in your inventory. You will spawn near Emerald Ranch so simply return and repeat the process until your inventory is full. At that point, visit the butcher and sell the goods.

For every trip to the ranch, you'll net around $20 which isn't much but it's still one of the quickest ways to make money in the game.

Rockstar picture showing a map of RDR2 World Emerald Ranch

The second method requires character deletion and creation. When you delete your character in Red Dead Online, all the money will be transferred to any new character that is created. 

Simply go to Player menu and delete your character, after that create a new one and complete the first six story missions which will net you $450. Repeat these steps until you're happy with your earnings.

It will take you approximately two and a half hours to complete the first six story missions which is a much faster way than earning it through races or PVP.

Rockstar is yet to make a comment on these exploits but it's likely that both methods will be addressed in future patches. Well, at least until players find another crazy way to make money in Red Dead Online.

For more info about Red Dead Online, check the on 1.03 update.

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