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Red Dead Online's new mode combines target practice and races

Published: 13:05, 29 March 2019
picture showing a character shooting a target from his horse
Red Dead Online Target Races

Rockstar's latest update for Red Dead Online beta has introduced a brand new game mode named Target Races. As the name suggests, in the new mode players will have to shoot targets while on horseback to pass checkpoints and finish first.

Rockstar Games are continuing to add various new activities to Red Dead Online beta, and slowly but surely, Red Dead Online is starting to grow and give us a small glimpse of what could be available in the final version of the game.

In the latest update, Red Dead Online received another game mode named Target Races. The new mode is a combination of horse races and target practice, hence the name Target Races.

Players will have to shoot targets while on horseback to pass checkpoints while racing and be the first to cross the finish line. In Target Races, all players start with a bow and arrow and as you race, you'll increase your horse's stamina bar with each target hit. 

Furthermore, there are strategic pickups along the courses that can extend your horse's sprinting time or quickly recover drained stamina core. 

Along with that, weapon pickups are available and will deliver firearms with limited ammo supplies. During races, players can use weapons to quickly and easily take out a checkpoint target or turn the weapon against other participants in the race. 

However, while you'll be able to lock on to checkpoint targets, you'll need additional skill to target other players with free-aim. Players who defend their lead will be able to kick competitors to reduce their horse stamina levels with a small chance to knock them down entirely.

Those who trail behind will get a small speed boost and regenerate horse stamina bar when riding in competitor's slipstream.

Additionally, PlayStation 4 players will get early access to Open Target Races mode where the goal is to shoot all targets in any order you wish and then finish the race.

Along with the new mode, Rockstar also added few new cosmetics to the catalogue:

  • Morning Tail Coat
  • Strickland Boots
  • Bowyer Boots (Female only)
  • Furred Gloves

Rockstar picture showing two cowboys with guns Red Dead Online

For more Red Dead Online news, check out the that should drop sometime in Spring 2019. 

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