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Red Dead Online adds three new specialist roles and battle pass

Published: 08:49, 11 September 2019
Red Dead Online artwork showing several characters with guns
Red Dead Online - Frontier Pursuits

Rockstar Games have launched the long-awaited Red Dead Online update Frontier Pursuits which brings three new specialist roles, a battle pass system named The Outlaw Pass, new items, weapons and clothing, additional horse breeds and more.

Red Dead Online has received another major update which introduces a fresh batch of content for all players. As earlier revealed by Rockstar Games, the long-awaited update deepens the world of Red Dead Online with the introduction of three new Frontier Pursuits, each presenting their own unique path filled with themed activities.

Players can choose to become a Bounty Hunter and hunt down dangerous criminals, turn their camp into a bustling business as a Trader or unearth valuable treasures as a Collector, focusing on one role at a time or all three at once.

In addition to these new Specialist Roles, the latest update also introduces a wide range of new gameplay tweaks and features to improve the overall experience for players. 

There are new items, weapons, clothing and horse-drawn vehicles, additional horse breeds, the ability to change character appearance and more. Rockstar listed all these major additions in their latest post and here are some of the highlights:

  • New items, weapons, clothing and horse-drawn vehicles
  • Directional damage indicators to display where your character is hit from
  • Additional horse breeds
  • The ability to change your character’s appearance without resetting progress
  • Expanded custom outfit slots 
  • The ability to name saved outfits
  • Role-specific Free Roam Events
  • Increased selling prices for looted Jewelry
  • Increased movement and animations speeds for more responsive combat (including aiming, cocking and reloading), faster looting and more
  • Additional game balancing and improvements 

Another big addition to Red Dead Online is the battle pass which Rockstar Games named the Outlaw Pass. Players who play the game anytime between 10 September and 18 November 2019 will get the free version of the battle pass that brings new clothing and accessories, a special gun wrap, bonus cash, free care packages, an emote, a new graphic camp flag and more.

Rockstar Games Red Dead Online's new character roles Red Dead Online

Those who want more can pay 35 Gold Bars for exclusive clothing, campsite themes, bonus cash and weapons stylings. You can take a look at all battle bass rewards .

For the full Title Update 1.11 patch notes, visit .

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