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Rebel Galaxy Outlaw release date revealed for Epic Games Store

Published: 09:52, 19 July 2019
Double Damage
Earth surrounded with several large spaceships from Rebel Galaxy Outlaw
Rebel Galaxy Outlaw

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw is set to release on PC next month, on 13 August 2019. The game will be exclusively available via Epic Games Store, which didn't sit well with many players but it remains to be seen if they will vote with their wallets.

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw anticipation was built up gradually by the reveal trailers and then partially shot down after the announcement it would be an Epic Games Store exclusive.

Still, those who kept waiting for the game after "early 2019" release date didn't pan out will be able to engage in all sorts of not-so-legal space activities in barely regulated environments on 13 August 2019 which is less than a month away since the time of writing.

In case you didn't check out the system requirements, you shouldn't worry too much if the ones listed on are correct and not just a placeholder.

The necessary CPU is a dual-core version of either Intel or AMD chipsets so even extremely low-end machines will be able to run it. GPUs with a grand total of 1 GB VRAM will do the trick while RAM requirement is just 2GB. 20GB of disk space will be needed.

Considering the extremely low requirements, combined with the fact that the recommended ones are not any different, it is still possible Rebel Galaxy Outlaw system specs might change in the future. Then again, the gameplay videos show so far, such as the one below, seem like they are not too polygon-heavy which could explain the potentially good optimisation.

Anyway, those looking to embark on a Freelancer-like outlaw experience in space will need to shell out $29.99 / €29.99 / £25.99 on PC. Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 versions are coming at a later, yet unannounced date.

Many fans are still jaded over Double Damage's decision to go for Epic exclusivity. There is no official word yet but it's possible Rebel Galaxy Outlaw will start selling on Steam and GOG in August 2020.


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