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Rampart gets a fiery introduction to Apex Legends arena

Published: 17:38, 11 August 2020
Apex Legends characters Bangalore and Rampart
Apex Legends, Stories from the Outlands: Endorsement

Respawn just premiered another episode of their Stories from the Outlands animated series, focusing on the Season 6 newcomer, Rampart, and how she got herself tangled up with the rest of the legends.

You don't even have to see the faces of the Apex Legends from the beginning - all it takes are those endearing voices. Gibraltar and Bangalore clearly have history with Season 6's Apex greenhorn, and we're sure that'll be reflected in the voice lines. 

Once again, the trailer hints at Rampart's abilities, although we're yet to hear the official word from the Apex Legends developer. 

The rumoured, i.e. data-mined, abilities from Rampart have been called outdated by the devs, even though they pretty much fit the scenario we see in the Endorsement. 

Rampart's Tactical was said to be Amped Cover - where she makes cover with an upper barrier that amplifies her shots, while blocking incoming ones. Her ultimate was said to be a high-ammo capacity mounted machine gun for anyone to use. 

Her data-mined passive, however, was found in triplicate, which was a bit peculiar and was traced to the time when Apex was envisioned as a PvE version of Titanfall. We'll list all three though, just in case!

  • FIXER - Switching to melee allows Rampart to repair friendly structures
  • GUNNER - Boost to LMG mag capacity and reload rate
  • AMPED COVER - Firing from cover overcharges Rampart's gun damage

Once again - the Apex Legends development team called these outdated, so take them with a grain of salt. That said, they may not be entirely different, especially as the trailer seems to suggest they're at least in the ballpark. We guess we'll see come August 18.

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