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Rainbow Six Y5S3 operator leak suggests Splinter Cell crossover

Published: 00:34, 23 June 2020
Rainbow Six Siege cover art
Rainbow Six Siege

Ubisoft is leaking Rainbow Six Siege data again. This time we got a video of the upcoming operators with all of their gameplay-related quirks but it's obvious they are still a work in progress.

Y5S2 is just about to go live but we already got a leak that details the operators from Y5S3, which is due for release at some point in September 2020. The operators are currently hidden under code names but their looks, loadouts and gadgets are clearly visible in the video provided by Reddit user Zer0Bytes_.

The first operator bears a striking resemblance to Sam Fisher but his code name is Scout for the time being. His primary weapons will be SC3000K, which is based on FN F2000, and an MP7. The operator's sidearm will be an FN 5.7 which is Fisher's hallmark weapon, often seen paired with an F2000.

Scout will also be able to carry a frag grenade and claymore while his primary gadget is currently called Drill Camera. It can shoot up to four NVG cameras that stick to a wall, offering the Attacker quite a bit of intel.

On the defender side, we have code name Aruni, who will cause a Lion-level mess if she is released in current state. This defender packs either a P10 Roni or an Mk14 EBR with ACOG scope. The DMR is already a red flag due to spawn peeking potential but her melee ability also allows her to punch murder holes just about anywhere.

Rainbow Six Siege

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Screenshots of Rainbow Six Siege operators.

Her sidearm is a PRB92 and she has bulletproof camera alongside barbed wire as secondary gadgets. Aruni's primary gadget is called Laser Reinforcement and it can be placed in a doorway or a hole. Enemies passing through the laser will take 40 damage and possibly tip the defenders off about their location.

You can check out the new operators in action in the video posted on Reddit .

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