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Rainbow Six Siege's latest issues from The Test Server

Published: 18:07, 23 February 2018
Spoof image showing Blitz's newfound speed as he leaves Usain Bolt in the dust.
Rainbow Six Siege

Balancing a video game is not an easy feat, especially when your game is both a booming eSport and a somewhat realistic tactical shooter. Rainbow Six Siege's balancing team is having some trouble, and players are having a blast with it.

Operation Chimera hit Rainbow Six Siege's TTS this week and while everyone was jumping in to see the new content, some people went in to check Kapkan and Blitz's movement speed and armour changes. What the Blitz testers found was pure gold, or in the case of people that Blitz got tested on, pure horror.

Blitz's movement speed was working as intended but as Ubisoft  , the shield movement speed modifier was not. Shields slow their users down and it is evident even on Blackbeard's rifle shield but this was not implemented for Blitz on TTS. The result was an unstoppable death machine moving at high speed making defenders tremble in

Ubisoft Excerpt from a Rainbow Six Siege trailer showing the shield wielding operator Blitz in a dark area. Rainbow Six Siege

Sadly, Blitz's dreams of winning Olympic gold in 100m sprints will never be realised as Ubisoft will be fixing his unnatural speed before long. 

The Test Server has also produced a more serious issue though, as colour blind players are unable to make use of Lion's ability. His EE-ONE-D ability has his drone scan any moving hostiles in the area and then proceeds to paint them with a red outline for as long as they're in motion.

Players with protanomaly for example, have reduced sensitivity to red light and by extent cannot see red outlines from Lion's gadget. One such player,  reported this issue on reddit noting that the ''colorblind mode has been an issue completely ignored by Ubisoft since the beginning of the game''. 

Ubisoft Screenshot from Rainbow Six Siege as an operator is aiming at a hostile through ACOG scope. Rainbow Six Siege

He also mentioned that the absence of a colour blind mode was a rather big handicap for him as he couldn't use Red Dot Sight attachments, since they were useless to him. This was an issue he could work around but being in the dark while his entire team can see the enemies is a little to much to handle.

Ubisoft responded to his but no ETA for colour blind mode has been given.

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