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Rainbow Six Siege to introduce an attacker with a grappling hook

Published: 12:03, 14 June 2019
Spoof image showing Rainbow Six Siege leaking on Ubisoft
Rainbow Six Siege leak

Rainbow Six Siege is leaking again and the next two operators' gadgets are made known mere days after Phantom Sight released with the two latest operators, Nøkk and Warden. The new operators will have a grappling hook and a fiery shield.

Rainbow Six Siege has a long tradition of leaking slightly harder than a pipe that was on the wrong end of a .50 calibre machinegun. It happened again, just two days after Phantom Sight came out with the newest batch of operators.

Kormora, a prominent leaker at ResetEra provided some crucial about the upcoming operators whose names are not yet known, unfortunately.

It will be once again a deployment of one attacker and one defender operator with gadgets that were seen in other aspects of Rainbow Six Siege but have a twist of their own with the new characters.

The attacker will have a grappling hook which may not sound particularly useful since everyone can rappel already but the catch is that this hook is not used the same way. Usually, the hooks would attach to roofs only but this attacker's hook will work on hatches between floors as well as windows.

Such a way of traversing maps could provide extremely beneficial when looking to flank the defenders since no other operator can use these paths.

Meanwhile, the defender has a deployable shield that is usually a side gadget that many operators have. The twist with this one is that the new defender will have some sort of canister attached to the said shield, which will make the obstacle burst in flames once it's destroyed, providing additional area denial.

Ubisoft Promotional image for Warden from Rainbow Six Siege Rainbow Six Siege - Warden

It is an interesting dynamic between these two operators since the defender will make the attacker's gadget actually more useful. We are inclined to believe people would choose to traverse a hatch over a burning hallway 10 out of 10 times.

The only other currently available info about the new operators comes from Ubisoft's roadmap for Rainbow Six Siege, stating that one of them is Mexican and the other is Peruan.

Rainbow Six Siege

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