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Rainbow Six Siege's Australian Outback map is officially revealed

Published: 14:51, 12 February 2019
Picture of the new Australian map from Rainbow Six Siege
Rainbow Six Siege - Outback

Ubisoft have revealed the upcoming addition to the map roster of Rainbow Six Siege, called Outback, which will come in the update that will bring the Australian operators Gridlock and Mozzie. It will pay homage to dusty service stations.

Ubisoft are seemingly really pushing for that Mad Max feel in Rainbow Six Siege's new map. First up, it is a roadside petrol station in the middle of nowhere, with only dust to keep people company there, much like those seen in Mad Max with Mel Gibson. To top it off, Outback's pit stop was abandoned after a nuclear convoy crashed nearby as a result of an attack, forcing locals and patrons to vacate the premises. Nukes, dust and an open road, we just need a black Interceptor around.

Outback will be 21st map in Rainbow Six Siege, with the design team citing Oregon and Clubhouse as the inspiration behind this dusty road and a pit stop. There will be three distinct sections of the map - the Garage, the Motel and the Restaurant. According to Assistant Level Design Director Jacques Wong, each of these sections should be recognisable even from a distance.

Each sections specific colours should help players find orientation quickly, but in case that wasn't enough, lightning and geometry were apparently made in such a way that they will direct players to where they need to go.

The map will seemingly offer less space for roamers to manoeuver around the place due to a limited number of doors so players will need to carefully choose which ones they want to barricade. Then, there is the regular option that is prevalent in Siege - make your own doors by breaking the walls. Outback is a medium sized map so it shouldn't feel too cramped after all.

Ubisoft Picture of the SAS boys from Rainbow Six Siege Rainbow Six Siege

Ubisoft mentioned a mascot named Norman that will be in some place on the map, cryptically asking the players not to stare in the process. It is quite possible that Norman is holding an Easter egg, but it remains to be seen if simply gawking will trigger it. You can read more on the map details on the .

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