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When will the Christmas event come back to Rainbow Six Siege?

Published: 23:23, 10 November 2022
The cat ears Thorn outfit is the best outfit of the event, prove me wrong
The cat ears Thorn outfit is the best outfit of the event, prove me wrong

As the year is coming to an end, everyone is ready for Christmas and snow. Rainbow Six Siege is showing some true holiday spirit by bringing back a community favourite event, The Snow Brawl!

Many games such as Apex Legends , Overwatch and even GTA V love to put their festive hats on for the holidays through events or cosmetics. Rainbow Six Siege has decided to go for both by bringing back the classic Snow Brawl event and all of the festive skins that came with it.

The event is set to go live in the period between December 10 and 15. As usual, the players are gifted an alpha pack containing a special cosmetic if they log in during the event. 

After that, the players may choose to purchase their wanted skins in the store or do what the writer of this article did and leave it up to chance by opening Alpha Packs (Warning - You will spend a lot of time, R6 Credits and Renown. The game knows what skin you want, and no, it won't give it to you).

If you are a new player and do not have all of the operators unlocked, Ubisoft will reward you with one free random operator. If you are a veteran player and have all the operators, Ubisoft will gift you a free Christmas set for a random operator from the event.

Ubisoft Frost displaying the perfect snowball throwing form Frost displaying the perfect snowball throwing form

The Snow Brawl event is a 5v5, Capture the Flag type game mode where instead of weapons, the players get snowballs and it takes 3 snowballs to kill the enemy. 

Aside from the snowballs, the players get a grenade launcher with a single shot. The grenade launcher is not intended to be used as a weapon but rather as a means of disorientation.

Lastly, a very nice detail added to the event is the location where the event is taking place. The location is a snow ring in the front yard of the map Chalet.


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