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Rainbow Six Siege automatic weapons have a reticle flaw, fix coming in next update

Published: 18:53, 28 March 2018
Rainbow Six Siege operators grouped in one place for a picture.
Rainbow Six: Siege

Now you'd be forgiven for thinking that a 'slight misalignment', as Ubisoft calls it, between where you're aiming and where your bullets actually hit is not that big a deal, but we can't think of a bigger deal when talking about shooters.

Now, we're not sure why Ubisoft is calling it a "slight misalignment" that "occasionally causes" bullets to "diverge" from your actual aim, since pretty much every bullet in the first test .

Ubisoft Screenshot from Rainbow Six Siege as an operator is aiming at a hostile through ACOG scope. Rainbow Six Siege

Ubisoft say they'll be , with the test build due on the next Test Server run. The ultimate goal for Rainbow Six Siege is a "tight shooting system that does not cheat players out of a great show of skill". We wonder what the goal was so far.

Apparently, the devs looked at several solutions so far but to no avail - each of the methods has proven to be less than ideal and certainly not worthy of implementing in Rainbow Six Siege.

The recoil systems Ubisoft was trying out have been built around predictable recoil patterns, "making them trivial to control". Therefore, Rainbow Six Siege will be getting a brand new recoil system that will behave much like the weapons' real life counterparts.

The devs claim to have fired tens of thousands of bullets, comparing results and refining them so as to achieve maximum realism. Just in case you're wondering, the weapon in question is Mk17 CQB.

Rainbow Six Siege's player base seems to have let off a breath of relief, seeing as how the issue has been raised on more than one occasion. Of course, now they have to adapt to bullets actually following the reticle.

We're not sure how Ubisoft managed to fumble this one but who are we to dispute a company's talent, regardless of how popular or commercially viable it is. However, with so many games nailing the recoil system down, many of them being much older than Rainbow Six Siege, we're at a loss for words.

Perhaps it's not too late to call Infinity Ward and ask for some tips?

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