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Rainbow Six Siege is clamping down on cheaters, after toxicity

Published: 08:26, 31 July 2018
Picture of Dokkaebi from Rainbow Six Siege hacking stuff with her tablet
Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege's ban hammer is in full swing as it is still smashing players for using slurs, but it has now also squished around 1300 players who chose to get a boost by cheating. The bans are temporary, but the consequences will last.

Ubisoft have announced that they have patched a vulnerability in Rainbow Six Siege's systems that allowed cheaters to run their software in the game. This made a large number of cheats defunct, but the problem for those who opted to use those cheats directly or indirectly remained open a little while longer.

The company then decided to ban those who boosted their rank with the help of cheats. While the ban length of 15 days may not seem severe enough, Ubisoft have decided to get creative with the punishment system. Instead of disabling these accounts forever and ever, they have decided to let the players keep playing and ponder their life choices as they will not get any rewards at the end of the season.

Just before Season 3 launches, all of the players who were smashed with Ubisoft's ban hammer will have their rewards and rank removed. On top of that, Ubisoft don't consider this to be a proper punishment, but rather a band aid before they completely implement their system of adjusting how match making rating (MMR) works for cheaters.

The design of this MMR adjusting system should be completed during the week starting on Moneday, 06 August 2018, after which the team will work on the deployment plan. After workload, deadlines and personnel have been set, they will have an ETA for the MMR adjusting system.

Ubisoft Face reveal for Ash, one of Rainbow Six Siege operatives in a rather dark ambient. Rainbow Six Siege Ash

They did that the feature will not go live before Season 3, but rather at some point during the season via a patch. Whenever it comes, however, it will have been announced weeks, if not months ahead of deployment, much like the toxicity filter so players will not be able to claim Ubisoft deployed it secretly to ruin their accounts.

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