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Rainbow Six Siege update tweaks surrendering, attacker/defender bias

Published: 13:07, 08 October 2019
Rainbow Six Siege promotional poster showing three SAS operators - Mute, Thatcher and Smoke.
Rainbow Six Siege

Ubisoft prepared another patch for Rainbow Six Siege and Y4S3.2, as it's called, is mostly aimed at tweaks and bug fixes. The first and arguably the most important change is the surrender feature, which has been significantly overhauled.

Rainbow Six Siege's update in question lands today, 08 October 2019, but only for PC players. Ubisoft says consoles should follow soon after, so it's safe to assume it won't be a long wait. 

Anyway, the changes to the surrender feature are as follows:

  • Surrender now requires a unanimous vote.
  • Surrender feature is now only available if the team is currently losing in rounds.
  • Surrender is still only available starting with the 3rd

Rainbow Six Siege's developer addressed the attacker side's bias during lobby creation, so the side assignment should now be completely random. 

The Y4S3.2 patch also includes the RFF update, where Ubisoft wrote, "In hostage mode, anyone who detonates a Volcan shield is now responsible for any explosive damage it does once the hostage is picked up. Prior to hostage pick up Goyo is still responsible."

Speaking of Goyo, he's had two bugs erased by Ubisoft, starting with his Volcan shield, whose deployment can no longer be completed before the gauge bar finishes. Some clipping issues by the Volcan shield have been fixed as well. 

Majestro's turret movement SFX will no longer remain for spectators and his Evil Eye will no longer behave strangely in spectator mode, more precisely during sudden switches to it. 

Ubisoft Promotional image of Rainbow Six Siege showing six of the game's operators - Smoke, Ash, Mute, Sledge, Castle and Twitch Rainbow Six Siege - The free squad

Also listed were the following level changes:


  • FIXED – Pixel LOS behind on Clubhouse in B Church.


  • FIXED – Pixel LOS in Green Stairs of Kanal.
  • FIXED – LOS through exterior truck on Kanal.
  • FIXED – Collision issues on EXT Coast Guard Roof of Kanal when crouching/prone.
  • FIXED – LOD visual issues on Kanal in B Kayaks.
  • FIXED – Players can drop the defuser between two portable toilets in Construction Site on Kanal.
  • FIXED – A spot in Construction Site on Kanal will show a death timer if players enter it.


  • FIXED – Sealed window in Prep Room on Kafe can allow damage propagation from explosions.

Ubisoft Picture of Kaid and Nomad from Rainbow Six Siege Rainbow Six Siege - Kaid and Nomad

You can learn more in the full

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