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Rainbow Six Siege will use two factor authentication vs cheaters

Published: 09:46, 20 August 2018
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Rainbow Six Siege

Ubisoft are taking no breaks when it comes to dealing with toxic players, cheaters and those paying cheaters to boost them in Rainbow Six Siege. They have revealed a new way to deal with the latter two, following anti-toxicity ban system.

Rainbow Six Siege will soon have mandatory two factor authentication, but only for ranked matches. This is a consequence of having cheaters who will be banned sooner with it, as well as players looking to boost their ranks by hiring cheaters to win them matches.

According to Alexandre Remy, Rainbow Six Siege's brand director, there is a whole economy around cheaters providing boosting services which isn't surprising nor new, as these things have been appearing through gaming industry's history for quite a while now. 

The mandatory two factor authentication will be another layer of security for Rainbow Six Siege, providing more opportunities to remove harmful players from ranked matches. It's not only aimed at cheaters though, as they usually just get a new account after getting banned and keep doing what they do. Two factor authentication will still make creating new accounts harder for cheaters, but Remy didn't specify how in his .

Players paying for boosts are the driving force behind the boosters and they usually pay a lot of money in order to get their accounts boosted. Due to considerable "investements" into their accounts, they will, hopefully, think twice before hiring another cheater as they will be more likely to get banned as well.

Remy stated that the players caught and banned for being boosted will have to "start again" which implies that the bans will either be permanent or if not, they will be stripped of any rank they have "accomplished".

Ubisoft Teaser picture for Operation Grim Sky in Rainbow Six Siege Rainbow Six Siege

Ubisoft didn't stop with anti toxicity efforts with the automatic chat bans either, and they will be adding an option to mute voice chat in Rainbow Six Siege at some point during Operation Grim Sky. 

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