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Rainbow Six Siege will nerf Twitch and Frost, buff Kaid and Pulse

Published: 14:25, 29 May 2019
Portrait of Rainbow Six Siege's operator Pulse
Rainbow Six Siege Pulse

Ubisoft have revealed the Technical Test Server (TTS) patch notes for Rainbow Six Siege on the game's subreddit, revealing buffs for two troubled defenders, Kaid and Pulse, an unexpected nerf to Frost and an expected one for Twitch's FAMAS.

Rainbow Six Siege is seeing a lot of shaking up with balance changes currently. The TTS patch notes revealed that Pulse is getting some love since his Cardiac Sensor unequip time will be lowered, meaning he can switch between his weapons and the gadget quicker. This is likely to be a major help for Pulse in situations where he whips out his portable wallhack in a bad situation so shooting an enemy that's right around the corner might come sooner.

Another buff or nerf, depending who you ask, is happening to Kaid. Barbed Wire will be gone from his gadget choice pool, replaced by C4, otherwise known as Nitro charges. In general, Nitro is generally considered a better gadget than Barbed Wire but Kaid is an anchor operator who benefitted much from the wire's area denial.

While that change didn't make sense for some players, the nerf to Frost currently makes sense to none. Apparently, the bear trap has lower health now. This wasn't considered to be an overpowered gadget, to begin with, but now it is even worse than it used to be. While many players are scratching their heads over the change, it is likely Frost will receive a different buff in the future.

Twitch was a somewhat problematic operator due to having a strong gadget as well as a strong primary weapon and is the only attacker on the balancing list this time around. Her FAMAS recoil was changed but Ubisoft didn't really elaborate how.

Ubisoft Picture of Kaid, the new operator in Rainbow Six Siege Rainbow Six Siege - Kaid

Some players have already tested it though and it seems like the weapon still performs well but it is just a little to control its horizontal recoil through an ACOG. Yup, they didn't take away Twitch's ACOG so everyone seems to be happy with her balancing this time around.

You can read the full patch notes on .

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