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Rainbow Six Siege test server patch makes Warden faster

Published: 12:22, 18 October 2019
r6 siege artwork showing warden operator with blue glasses
Rainbow Six Siege's Defending Operator Warden is getting a new Elite skin in Year 7 Season 3 according to leaks

Ubisoft have introduced a couple of changes to Warden, Glaz and Twitch in the latest test server patch. Warden's speed has been increased but his armour level has dropped one point.

Ubisoft's latest test server patch for their tactical shooter Rainbow Six Siege brings several new bug fixes along with some tweaks for three operators - Warden, Glaz and Twitch. The patch is now live on the test server and it increases Warden's speed from 1 to 2 but also decreases his armour level from 3 to 2.

Ubisoft explained the change by saying that they've wanted to give Warden more opportunities to use his ability and increase his potential as a defending operator at the same time. We'll see how the latest change plays out on the test server and what kind of feedback will players send to Ubisoft. It's safe to say that some of the last armour changes didn't work quite well so fingers crossed that Warden's will actually benefit the character.

As for the other two operators, they received some minor changes. Glaz's rate of fire has been increased from 285 to 380 to make him a bit more attractive as a pick since Glaz's popularity vanished with the previous updates.

Twitch's F2 Magazine size has been reduced from 30 to 25. Ubisoft says that they've reduced her fragging ability as she is a top picked performing attacker, and her ability is crucial to team play and does not need any changes as of yet.

Ubisoft An artist sniper posing for a portrait. Maybe he painted it himself. Glaz, Rainbow Six Siege

The patch also brings a fresh batch of bug fixes and you can take a look at the full list of them below:

  • FIXED – Blackbeard’s shield clips through his body when equipping while leaning.
  • FIXED – Hibana’s XKairos pellets can destroy other pellets deployed on the same wall even if they are out of the blast radius.
  • FIXED –Defenders can place a barricade or Castle’s Armor Panel over Goyo’s Volcan Shield.
  • FIXED – Radio music doesn’t stop playing even when the radio is destroyed.
  • FIXED – Right-clicking when in the scoreboard will cause a player to enter ADS and the selected tab simultaneously.
  • FIXED – Mute text chat option does not work on LAN.
  • FIXED – When going into observation mode, SFX plays twice.
  • FIXED – My Rank UI tab now shows your current rank in the season instead of the highest rank achieved.
  • FIXED – Minor visual texture issues for Uniforms
  • FIXED – Visual glitch if players switch weapons after rappelling.
  • FIXED – Menu UI visual fixes.

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Screenshots of Rainbow Six Siege operators.

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