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Rainbow Six Siege set for big changes in Year 6

Published: 09:40, 19 March 2020
Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Void Edge character Oryx
Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Void Edge, Oryx

Year 5 is all about transformation for Rainbow Six Siege. The team is looking to prepare the game for Year 6, which is set to introduce many changes in terms of the business model game enhancement Ubisoft's Leroy Athanassoff explains.

Rainbow Six Siege is Ubisoft's most popular title at the moment and one of the best examples of long game support. The developer and publisher added a ton of content including new operators and maps over the last couple of years and of course, they have big plans for the future of the game.

They already confirmed that Rainbow Six Siege is here to stay for the next decade, meaning that a full sequel is not even being considered at Ubisoft. Some may say that players will get tired of the same game but Ubisoft have a perfect solution for this, potential issue.

According to Leroy Athanassoff, Creative Director on Cross-Gen Play and Major Operator Reworks, Year 5 will mark a significant change for the Siege. The developers will use it to prepare the game for Year 6, which will bring many changes both in terms of gameplay and business model.

"What makes Year 5 special is that it's a year of change. It's a year when we transform the game in preparation for Year 6. Year 5 is the year that leads us to Year 6, not only in terms of business model, but in terms of reinventing, reinvesting, and starting a full enhancement of this game," Athanassoff said.

Ubisoft A lot of operators from Rainbow Six Siege in a promotional picture for Pro League. Rainbow Six Siege

As expected, we did not get a detailed description of these changes but Athanassoff said the team will be working on some gameplay mechanics that they did not touch since the game launched five years ago. When asked about these features Athanassoff explained:

"For me, I am interested in the kind of feature that really changes the way you approach things and develop new skills, and that allows for maybe a new type of player, a new mindset to rise in this game. So not meaning that we are going to be more mainstream or casual, but more meaning that there will be ways for people to express their talent and their skill through different mechanics, and not only by relying on pure mechanical skill or the creativity of destruction"

Some of these features were already tested internally and pro players did not like them one bit. However, the Action Phase will remain the same while big changes could be introduced to Prep and Support Phases. "For the Prep Phase and Support Phase, we believe we can have much more interesting gameplay, as much as we have right now in Action Phase," he concluded.

Rainbow Six Siege

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Glaz, Rainbow Six Siege
Screenshots of Rainbow Six Siege operators.

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