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Rainbow Six Siege reputation system will offer streamer benefits

Published: 07:01, 22 February 2021
Updated: 07:02, 22 February 2021
Rainbow Six Siege operator Oryx
Rainbow Six Siege, Oryx

Ubisoft is close to implementing the Reputation System to Rainbow Six Siege and they announced some of its features, including the quality of life additions for streamers.

Rainbow Six Siege, much like any other competitive game, has its fair share of toxic players and while Ubisoft has been combatting them with chat restrictions, queue alterations and even bans, it doesn't appear to be enough.

This is why they are looking to implement the Reputation System (RS), a tool that will promote positive behaviour and incentive to minimise the negative. The system has been active in the past season actually but it was running in the background, not visible to the players so that the devs could test it out properly. 

When RS launches officially, it will become transparent and allow players to see how they can increase their scores and adapt behaviour accordingly.

Furthermore, when the tool launches in Year 6, it will feature the streamer mode that will help the influencers keep a bit of anonymity in order to avoid stream snipers and the like. 

They will be able to hide their own name, region and ping as well as the same info about everyone else in the match. People dedicated to ruining the streamers' experience could still get through these filters by guessing the match correctly based on the picked operators or a few other tell-tale signs but this possibility should be eliminated by allowing the streamers to include a hidden matchmaking delay.

Rainbow Six Siege

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Glaz, Rainbow Six Siege
Screenshots of Rainbow Six Siege operators.

On top of these benefits, they will also be able to hide their clearance level and profile image, which should eventually prove enough to let them enjoy the game like everyone else. 

Crimson Heist Test Server will include the first iteration of the Reputation System.

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