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Rainbow Six Siege siege hits the 40 million players milestone

Published: 16:48, 02 November 2018
Picture of Year One operators in Rainbow Six Siege
Rainbow Six Siege - Year One operators

Rainbow Six Siege has had a rough start, but it has recuperated incredibly well, staying true to the tradition of Ubisoft games launching poorly and becoming better over time. It paid off, as the game has over 40 million players in total.

Rainbow Six Siege initially started off terribly, in a manner similar to The Division - with downgrades, bugs and other troubles that spelled out doom for the Ubisoft title. The developers kept working on it though and almost three years later, Siege is one of the most successful first person shooters on the market.

The game's growth is rather wild lately, since Ubisoft celebrated a 35 million players milestone just a few months back, in June 2018, meaning Rainbow Six Siege had an influx of five million players over five months. 

The numbers may have been radically increased thanks to frequent sales and promotions such as free weekends for Rainbow Six Siege, but sadly, there is no telling how many of those copies are Starter Editions. 

Rainbow Six Siege is evidently abundant with fun times, but in case you are wondering whether you should join the massive player base, it would be wise to avoid the previously mentioned Starter Edition. Siege is a rather competitive game and you will be left with a severe disadvantage due to more time required to unlock operators if you purchase this particular version.

While it is rather enticing to purchase a popular AAA game for $14,99 / €14,99 / £12.49, it would be worth waiting for one of the fairly frequent 50 per cent sales on the Standard Edition, which comes with the base 20 operators and less grinding time for unlocking others. Bear in mind that once you commit to an edition, you can't upgrade to another.

Ubisoft Several Rainbow Six Siege operators are posing for a group photo Rainbow Six Siege

According to Ubisoft's financial report where the 40 million players were mentioned, the company will seek more success on mobile and PC platforms. The former is no surprise as it pretty much trumps everything else in recurring revenue, but focusing on PC over consoles is not something publishers pull off that much these days.


Rainbow Six Siege

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